How to Remove Confusion, Eliminate Uncertainty, and Live Longer

*Only 30 People Can Join *​

?Aren’t you totally tired and confused with all these endless longevity controversies

?David Sinclair, Peter Attia, changed their supplements

Brad Stanfield attacked a supplement you’re taking and you’re not sure whaS to do?

:Let’s look at specific examples

Protein:   Some experts argue that excessive protein intake accelerates aging, while others emphasize its benefits for muscle mass. What should you do about your protein intake? This is a crucial question.

Metformin: Leading longevity researchers like Dr. Nir Brazilay swear by metformin, but Peter Attia has stopped taking it, and Dr. Rhonda Patrick never   did
David Sinclair takes it and gives it to his father. So, is it beneficial or potentially  harmful? that’s important

The lack of consensus among these experts is not only frustrating but also potentially harmful. How can you make the right choices when there’s no clear answer? It can lead to analysis paralysis, leaving you uncertain about your actions

I can relate to this confusion. In fact, it’s what inspired me to create many of the YouTube videos you’ve seen. I’m fed up with the confusion because I’m just like you


I understand the concept of longevity, but what I truly desire is clear,
actionable guidance

“Just tell me what to do”

Over the past year, members of the longevity community have reached out to me for one-on-one consultations. These consultations were often expensive and hard to come by. However, they allowed individuals to seek clarification on specific matters and resolve controversies. After months of struggle, these members gained the certainty they needed to move forward

This experience taught me the value of live communication, addressing specific details, and answering precise questions

That’s why I’m in the process of creating a private group. 

In this close-knit community, you and I will meet once a month to demystify longevity mysteries, clarify controversies, and eliminate confusion.

As a special bonus, you’ll receive the most valuable gift when you join.

Before I delve into the group’s details and the bonus, please note that this longevity clarity group has limited capacity. 

It’s designed to cater to individuals dedicated to their longevity journey and is not open to everyone

How to Stop Getting Confused, Maintain Habits Easily, and Actually Live Longer


The goal of this group is creating certainty in your longevity routine. You will get insights not only from your own questions, from others’ struggles too

The secondary goal is allowing you to get the most updated version of everything I know

The information in longevity research is flowing fast. Yet the transition from those discoveries to a YouTube video or a podcast is VERY slow

There is usually 6 months to 1 years lag. And sometimes it never gets published because it’s such a hard work to make a research video

I have hundreds of things that will blow your mind, about senescent cells, protein, NAD+ boosters. I will take forever until I create research video on each and every one them. But we all lose youthfulness right now

And I know, you already trust me and you want the information as soon as I have it. Therefore, those live groups are a terrific way to transfer this knowledge to you at the speed of light

:Here's What You'll Get

:Here's How It Goes Once You Join

Submit questions and choose for topic

I will suggest subject for meeting, for example protein, or metformin. You will send me questions before the time. This way, if you can’t attend, you will still get your questions answered

You will get a recording of that meeting

If you're unable to attend or wish to revisit the content in podcast form, you have that option

The meeting

We'll cover a single topic each session—be it a supplement, dietary aspect, or any issue—while addressing your questions. You'll receive the latest longevity research updates, insights into current trends, and their applicability. I'll also host a live Q&A

Access to Private Discord group

A private forum ,in Discord, where individuals passionate about longevity, just like you, can engage in discussions between meetings

:Time-Limited Bonuses

Bonus #1

Top Foods, Drinks, and Snacks for Longevity

:In this bonus, of nearly 50 pages, you will discover
Top 5 Longevity-Activation Foods  –

Top 5 Aging-Repair Foods –

Top 3 Longevity Drinks –

Top 4 Longevity Snacks –

These are  examples of brands I purchase. You can either buy these directly or use them as a reference to find similar products. This will give you an idea of what quality brands suitable for longevity purposes look like

Bonus #2: 33% Off Project 120

Longevity course Rimon co-created with Ultiself

Bonus #3: One Extra Year of Life (Not a really...a joke) Life isn't a video game

Pricing & Money Back Notes

There is no money back guarantee once you had your monthly payment. You already received the bonus & took a spot. Cancellation is for the next monthly cycle

You do NOT have yearly
commitment to stay
You can cancel anytime your next monthly cycle and allow  someone else to join instead

Your price is locked for 1 year 
 I won’t raise it for you, even if you see much more
.expensive entry later
After 12 month there could
be price increase

There is a limit of 30 People

Rimon cannot promise you’ll have a place in the future

:Explanation of the Group Cap

There's a cap on this monthly group at 30 members. Once we reach that number , your ability to join would be blocked. If a member cancels, it will open the spot again for a new member

I have a question

Yes, you can
Send Rimon an email to wellnessmessiah at gmail dot com
and request GBP payment

If you can’t attend a specific meeting, you’re still going to get your questions answered and get a recording and have access to the forum between the meeting. While keeping your spot in the group

You do not have yearly commitment to stay. Only a monthly commitment

There is no money back guarantee once you had your monthly payment. You already received the bonus immediately and reserved your spot. You can cancel anytime for the next monthly billing cycle and have no yearly commitment to the group

:To Summarize

The goal of the live group is creating clarity in your longevity routine. And to give you fast updates on the newest scientific tools for longevity before anyone else on YouTube

?Would you like to give it a try and see if it works for you